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Comprehensive Home Health Care Services

Home Care Agency

Remaining at home with the assistance of a caregiver is the preferred living arrangement for many seniors and others who need some help but wish to retain their independence. To find the right caregiver, most people turn to a full service home care agency like Assisting Hands which screens, hires and trains its employees. Families sometimes believe they will save some money by hiring a caregiver directly rather than working with an agency. When they hire someone directly, they become the employer and are fully responsible for their caregiver employee. There are important considerations that people should be aware of before making this important decision.

Assisting Hands

  1. A home care agency that employs caregivers is bonded, insured and covers their employees under worker’s compensation. Independent (direct hire) caregivers who do not work for an agency do not carry their own liability insurance or worker’s compensation. If an accident or other incident occurs on the job, the employer (the client) would likely be responsible, costing the client hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  2. A home care agency will offer to provide a replacement if the caregiver cannot make it to work. If an independent caregiver calls off or doesn’t show up, the client will need a back-up plan since there won’t be an agency involved to send a replacement.
  3. Independent caregivers cannot be bonded. Bonding provides theft protection for the client.
  4. If hiring directly, the client is the employer and is therefore responsible for training, disciplinary action and terminating the caregiver if necessary. If using a home care agency, the agency handles these responsibilities.
  5. If hiring a caregiver directly, the client needs to be able to assess the quality and skill level of the caregiver. This is especially important if the client requires hands-on personal care, has limited mobility, dementia or Alzheimer’s. A quality home care agency trains and tests their caregivers, and can attest to their skill levels.
  6. By law, the client (employer) is responsible for filing payroll taxes, tax forms, and verifying that the employee can legally work in the U.S.

The team at Assisting Hands understands that in today’s tight economic times, saving money and using resources wisely is more important than ever. However, the client should carefully consider the risks of hiring a caregiver directly instead of working with a home care agency.

Elderly Care Services

At Assisting Hands® it is our mission to serve our elderly clients in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. In addition to our caregiving services delivered in the comfort of our client’s home, we believe in coordinating the full spectrum of elder care services available in the community to aid our clients in securing the best possible outcome for their health and well-being.

When a client begins service with Assisting Hands®, a full assessment of needs will be done and a care plan will be implemented to address each of the needs identified. As a part of this process, Assisting Hands® will assist each client in identifying additional elderly care services in their community available through the Area Agency on Aging, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Veteran’s Administration, and local Senior Centers. Some of the elder care services Assisting Hands® can help our clients and their loved ones find education and guidance on are:

  • Respite hours for family caregivers
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Advanced directives
  • Power of attorney assignment
  • Estate planning
  • Medicare benefits
  • Medicaid waiver options
  • Senior social events

Navigating through the myriad of elderly care services available in the community can often times be cumbersome and confusing. For help in identifying the best elder care service options for you or your loved one, call your local Assisting Hands® office today and let us ease some of the burden.

Coordination of Care

Initial Assessment
Our Care Coordinator visits each client at their place of residence to evaluate condition, discuss options, and develop a Plan of Care.

Benefit Determination
We help identify any programs, community resources, or benefits that might be available for our clients such as: Medicare/Medicaid Services, Private Health Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, VA pensions and others.

Development and Ongoing Plan of Care
We incorporate all the orders and recommendations from your physicians, case managers, healthcare providers and our own initial assessment in order to develop an effective Plan of Care. This plan will describe all the services required, the proposed frequency, cost of each service, potential equipment and supplies needed and the possible payment sources.

  • This process could start before the client is discharged from the hospital, rehab or other healthcare facility.
  • We will work the attending physician, discharge planner, family and the client to determine the proper Plan of Care and agree on the specific goals to maximize the healing process.

Care Management
Assisting Hands is able to provide Skilled Nursing and Non-Medical Home Care services in the comfort and safety of your own home. We will also assist in coordinating and referring other services needed such as:

  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Medication Management
  • Home Modifications
  • Medical Alert System
  • Community Based Programs
  • Transportation Services
  • Coordinating Doctor’s Appointments

Our Senior In Home Care

As “baby boomers” began to officially turn the population tide on January 1, 2012, the increased need for senior in home care became a national discussion. In the past, families were faced with few choices when their senior loved ones needed care. Fortunately, in the last several decades clinicians and other healthcare professionals have recognized the health and well-being benefit to receiving care while remaining in the comfort of home. As our country’s population continues to enter their golden years in record numbers, senior in home care is finally being not only recognized, but celebrated as the preferred option for many in lieu of the traditional institutionalized care approach from years past.

Assisting Hands® offers a wide range of in home care services for the senior, disabled, and otherwise in need client. Some of the specific services offered for the senior in home care client include:

  • Bathing, grooming, meal preparation, and housekeeping
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Recommendation for and placement of assistive devices in the home
  • Fall risk assessments and individualized fall prevention plans
  • Care Coordination with all members of the clients healthcare team
  • Transportation and accompaniment to vital healthcare appointments
  • Specialized care for the Alzheimer’s or other dementia client
  • Compassionate, one-on-one end of life care for clients on Hospice
  • Automated medication reminders
  • Medical alert system
  • Video monitoring services

If you or someone you know is struggling with the care of a loved one and would like to better understand the options for senior in home care, do not hesitate to call an Assisting Hands® office today to learn about how we can be help.

Personal Care & Companion Services

Personal Care: Your caregiver can provide you or a loved one with assistance in bathing, dressing, eating, incontinence care, medication reminders, oral hygiene, walking and personal mobility, transferring to and from chair, bed, or wheelchair, toileting, and other services tailored to meet individual needs.

Meal Preparation: Overall health and well-being can be improved by ensuring your loved one is receiving healthy, well-balanced meals. In addition to tasting better, nutritious meals play an important role in maintaining good health. An Assisting Hands® caregiver can perform everything from grocery shopping to preparing meals in accordance with any special diet, to serving the meal, providing eating assistance and cleaning up afterwards. Just let us know your situation and we will provide tailored services to your individual needs.

Grocery Shopping: Your caregiver can provide you or a loved one with assistance in grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, organizing incoming mail and going to the post office, and any routine personal errands you or a loved one might require.

Light Housekeeping: Your caregiver can provide you or a loved one with services such as vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry, dusting, bed making, sweeping, mopping floors, taking out the trash, and any other light housekeeping items you or a loved one might require. Let us know your situation and we will provide tailored services to your individual needs.

Companionship: Your caregiver can assist you or your loved one with recreational activities or hobbies, or just provide good company for a game of cards or a nice chat! You or a loved one determines the schedule, which can range from a weekly visit to 24-hour care, and Assisting Hands® will tailor its services to meet your individual needs.

Skilled Nursing and Therapy

Our experienced healthcare professionals will prepare a customized plan of care based on the individual”s needs. We will coordinate our efforts with your physician and assist you with the following services:

  • Medication Administration
  • Post-surgical Care
  • Wound management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Cancer Recovery
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

In addition, our Social Worker provides assistance in many areas of concern such as counseling on community programs, locating public and private resources, coordinating medical equipment needs, and more.

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